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Paul Dennis


My first interest in pottery probably stems from my mother dragging my sister and me around potteries in Cornwall on wet summer's days: She bought a lot of pots which were used to destruction by us, mostly made by Scott Marshall at The Boscean Pottery near St. Just.

I suppose at some point I thought I'd have a go just for fun: I realised straight away that I only wanted to do this and I set about getting a start in a pottery somewhere.

Eventually Seth and Ara Cardew took me on at their Wenford Bridge Pottery in Cornwall where I lived and worked for a year making wood-fired stoneware throughout 1995.

After Wenford I went to work at Muchelney Pottery in Somerset with John Leach and Nick Rees, where I stayed for almost three years (1996-1999) again making wood-fired stoneware.

I built my own kiln in 2000 in Upton, Somerset and have been firing it ever since.   I make wood fired stoneware in a two chamber-climbing kiln (100 cu ft approx).  My glazes are formulated using naturally occurring ‘found’ materials like wood ashes, stone dusts and river silts.