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Clive Bowen

Beaworthy, Devon

Born 1943

Apprenticed to Michael Leach at Yelland from 1965-1970

Clive Bowen’s large garden pots and planters are all hand-thrown and decorated. They are then fired at 1060 degrees Celcius in a wood-burning kiln. During the firing the flames and smoke travel between the pots and the resulting fluctuations in temperature and atmosphere give a tremendous richness to the finished product. The traditional making techniques produce slight variations in size, form and colour, giving each pot its own individual character, whilst blending well with all its neighbours in the kiln.

The earthy, yet sophisticated qualities of the pots fit them well for any style of garden. Planted up, the richness of brown glazes and the simplicity of terracotta enhance a wide range of foliage types. Empty they have a sculptural calm often associated with Eastern gardens.

Clive Bowen’s pots have been widely exhibited, both in the UK and abroad. His work has also been bought for several major public collections, including those of the Victoria & Albert Museum, the National Museum of Wales, the Ulster Museum, and the Crafts Council Collection.