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David Frith

Born : 1943


1958-61 Flintshire Technical College, Art Department (Interm. In Arts &Crafts)

1961-62 Wimbledon School of Art (Industrial Ceramics & Terracotta Modelling)

1962-63 Stoke-on-Trent College of Art (Hand Pottery & Weaving. N.D.D., lecturer Derek Emms, who worked under Bernhard Leach at his St Ives pottery)


Fellow of The Craft Potters’ Association of Great Britain and Vice Chairman 1984-90

Selected Member of the British Crafts Council

Council Member of the Craft Committee of the Welsh Arts Council 1978-80

Member of the Management Committee of Mostyn Art Gallery, Llandudno 1984-87

Associate Consultant-P/E International Operations Ltd

Founder Member of the North Wales Potters’ Association

Consultant to The Artisan Trust and RUDA of Rajasthan, India

“The richness of the North Wales landscape never fails to inspire me and I have valued living and working here since I started my workshop with Margaret some 35 years ago.

My work explores the thrown form – searching for that essence – a quality that survives time and where the traditional and contemporary meet. I use the techniques of the past with the eyes of the present. Pieces are individual, often on a large scale, and include platters, bottles, ginger jars, store jars, pressed and extruded dishes. I like flat surfaces, which enhance innovative decorative techniques. The glazes are rich  with wax motifs, heavy over-glazes and trailed pigments.”