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Emili Biarnes

Born: Barcelona, 1956

Emili is “fascinated by the earth’s language, by the fire’s power to define shape and to define time.”
He works with red clay in a down draft gas kiln at roughly 1040 C. His techniques include throwing and slab building and he incorporates metallic lustres along with his own glazes.


Studied Industrial Design at Arts and Crafts School “La Llotja” (Barcelona 1972-76)
Attended Monografic courses at Ceramic School of La Bisbal (Girona 1982-83)
Seminar on Luster by Alan Caiger Schmith (Barcelona 1990)
Monografic course “Big Size Work” by Marti Royo (Llers, Girona 1996)

Emili set up his own workshop in St. Pere de Torello in 1987 and from there has developed his creative work.