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Gallery of artists we stock on a regular basis - their works are individual and constantly changing, it is therefore impossible show all of our current stock on the website. If you have interest in the work of a particular potter we can send images of pots we currently hold in stock. Please go to the contacts page and send a request.

Lisa Hammond
Nic Harrison
Peter Hayes
Niek Hoogland
John Jelfs
Jude Jelfs
Lincoln Kirby Bell
Jeremy Leach
Andrew Marshall
Ken Matsuzuki
Jeff Oestreich
Richard Phethean
William Plumptre
Chris Prindl
Nick Rees
Simon Rich
Phil Rogers
Alex Shimwell
John Stroomer
Peter Swanson
Sim Taylor
Louise Thompson
Ruthanne Tudball
Kevin Warren
Jason Wason
Joanna Wason
Robin Welch
Hugh West
John Wheeldon
Matsuda Yoneshi