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Jack Doherty

Artists Statement

“I make porcelain which explores and extends the qualities associated with this beautiful material. I make functional pots which range in scale from fine delicate cups for tea or cider to large, unexpectedly rugged slab dishes and plates.

The forms are either thrown or slab-built with surfaces which are pierced, stretched, carved and ribbed. I use a combination of coloured clays which react differently in the kiln, giving subtle changes of colour and texture.

My pots are functional, but they are also decorative and can be hung on walls, taken down and used. The pots, which we use everyday, can change how we see or feel about the food which we place in them. I put apples and plums into the dishes with care, enjoying their softness.

The firing plays an important role in determining how my pots look, since no glaze is applied to the exterior, instead a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and water is sprayed into the kiln as it reaches ‘white heat’. I enjoy the way in which the soda glaze marks and articulates the surface of the forms with the trace of flame and vapour. It is a dramatic and exciting procedure which is the final creative act in my making process.”


        Jack Doherty - December 2000