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Kevin de Choisy



In the mid 70s attended Harrow School of Art under the tutelage of Colin Pearson and Wally Keeler.

Between 1978 and 1980 he spent time in New Mexico and Arizona studying Pueblo Indian pottery. He returned to America in 1984 to work as a factory production thrower and designer for the Rowe Pottery works in Wisconsin. Kevin now lives and works in Glastonbury.

Kevin is fascinated by the versatility of the polychrome and creamware glazes that were developed in England during the Industrial Revolution by Thomas Whieldon, William Greatbatch, and their contemporaries.

The wide range of colour and effect that these glazes express, suggests a potent sensuality discreetly constrained by intellectual qualification, which reflects the philosophical impetus that inspired the English tradition during the Age of Reason.

Kevin’s work is primarily concerned with the underlying feelings that connect our contemporary urbanised experience with the perennial symbols and ideas that are to be found at the heart of the English Tradition.