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Kevin Warren

Born in 1949 in Gravesend, Kent, Kevin took up pottery at the age of 23, studying ‘Studio Pottery’ on a vocational course at Medway College of Art and Design, which he successfully completed in 1977. Following this he trained for 4 years with studio potter Mike Goddard and finally set up his own workshop in Canterbury in 1982, producing ash glazed stoneware, a range of terracotta garden pots and some decorated slipware. Kevin’s garden pot sales increased dramatically over the years and after two more workshops in Kent moved to Norfolk, continuing to make garden pots, but feeling that a new direction was needed.

The production his garden pots took up his time for more than 15 years until the spring  of 2000 when Kevin decided to build a 37 cubic foot sprung arch soda kiln. With his new kiln he produced a range of strong, functional soda and wood ash glazed domestic ware which was very will received by galleries across the country.

Returning to Kent in 2002 Kevin began to explore slipware again and now makes slipware pieces with sgraffito decoration, and is really enjoying the process.  

Kevin strives to produce well made, simple and functional pots that are affordable and appealing, not just to the knowledgeable, but to a wider range of the public, with increasing success.