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John Stroomer

Crystalline Glazes

John Stroomer is an accomplished handmade pottery artist with an ever growing passion for his work.  He has been making studio ceramics for almost 40 years and is now, more than ever, committed totally to the growth of his creative soul and the pursuit of the elusive and often volatile crystalline glaze.

John, who was trained in the traditional potters’ disciplines - spending the early years of his career producing hand-thrown domestic ware for the Australian market - strives to throw large, sensuous shapes, pushing the ancient medium to its limits.  The exacting nature, temperature control, balance and understanding of materials and glaze technologies demanded by the crystalline process reflect John’s mastery of his craft over time.

Inspiration comes from organic forms, curves and lines.  Nothing tests his skills more on the potters’ wheel than the bottle form and the curve.  From narrow foot emerging into wide bellied balanced ovoid; soft shoulders flowing into elegant narrow necks – structure and changes in direction refine technical skill to achieve the perfect form.

Specially formulated glazes are fired to peak temperatures of 1320 C ̊ before being rapidly cooled to a pre-determined window where crystals are formed. Slow cooling creates an ideal environment for random crystal growth, which can take on a myriad of shapes.

John’s pieces are held in both private and public collections in Australia and overseas. His strong, elegant shapes are sought after by collectors who appreciate this potter’s technical virtuosity.