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Richard Batterham

Born: 1936

Richard Batterham attended Bryanston School, where an interest in craft and design, including pottery, was very much encouraged, resulting in him becoming interested in pottery at a very early age. After leaving school Richard spent a year during 1957 to 1958 at the Leach pottery, studying under Bernard Leach. There he worked with Atsuya Hamada, a son of Shoji Hamada, and Dinah Dunn, whom he later married.

Following their stay in St Ives Richard and Dinah bought a cottage in Durweston, near Blandford in Dorset in 1959, where he built his first kiln, a two-chambered climbing kiln in the garden of his house, producing well-designed, domestic stoneware on a small scale for about six years. He then moved to a larger workshop, close to his home, and was able to extend his range of pots.

He says: “From the beginning the pots have been made to enrich rather than adorn life. Within a few years a range of pots had developed, which satisfied the needs of both kitchen and table. From this base the pots have continued to grow in both range and quality.”

Richard works alone, firing his kiln around six times a year. He believes in “maintaining a broad rhythm and allowing the pots to grow from both that rhythm and from an awareness of the nature of the materials used.”

A superb craftsman, Richard Batterham was recently voted ‘Number One’ by a poll of potters. He is regarded by many as ‘one of the finest makers of domestic stoneware in the Leach tradition’.