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Sam Hall

Born 1967, West Yorkshire


Sam left college in 1990 and started potting in Lincolnshire, before moving into a workshop in Haworth, West Yorkshire with five fellow artists.  Now he lives and works in St. Ives, Cornwall, alongside 8 other potters in the Gaolyard Studio complex.  St. Ives has been the catalyst behind the development of his recent work.

Pots are primarily thrown and then manipulated and further developed through several stages until Sam is satisfied with the result.  Each piece starts as a simple cylinder, which is cut and altered to produce a flat-sided oval form.  The pot’s surface is built up using slips, oxides and glazes, often applied and fired many times. The use of scored lines, random marks and a sombre palette help to create a tension where drawing and form cohabit.

Education : 1985 / 87 Harrogate College of Art and Design

                    BTEC National Diploma Ceramics

                    1987 / 90 Loughborough College of Art and Design

                    BA Hons in Ceramics