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Sim Taylor

The sculptural ceramics presented by Sim Taylor at St Ives Ceramics represent a select collection which evolved first from traditional vessel based pottery and then assemblage forms.  A creative concept that derived from a fascination with vessels that play roles in enhancing the social rituals of food and drink and later practices that obsessed with the manipulation of clay by fusing and melting the material to create forms of distortion and fragmentation, to his present preoccupation with fashioning clay to mimic objects that act as personal metaphors using an idiosyncratic mark, sign or imagery which is scratched, scribbled or created by the presence of the flame within the firing process.

From 1991-96, creating was driven by a fascination with the potters’ kick-wheel and the unique effects achieved by wood-firing. Here he created medium size stoneware vessels inspired by late Medieval Anglo-Saxon pottery. Thereafter this aesthetic intrigue was furthered by the influence of Korean and Japanese ceramic wares.

An obsession with building kilns and playing with fire has also had a major consequence in the development of his work.  From 1996-2001, vessels were exposed to a specialist firing process known as ‘Hifuse’, where extremely prolonged periods of high temperature firing result in a gradual fusion and melt process of the ceramic material.  This induces and creates distortion whilst aiming to develop a changed form, a unique structure born out of the flames. With concepts moving away from utility, Sim initiated further complimentary processes to work alongside the Hifuse approach that started to explore ‘saggar’ firing, around the period 1999-2004.

The development of recent work occurred out of life changing circumstances which also changed his source of creative inspiration. Making and firing processes also changed. He has adopted a more contemplated method of making, using wooden moulds and hand manipulating techniques to finish the process.

Education & Professional Bodies

National Diploma Foundation Art & Design, Weston Art College 1985-7

HND Ceramic Design, Falmouth College Art & Design 1987-9

BA (Hons) Ceramics, West Surrey College Art & Design 1989-91

LSDC Licentiateship Society Craftsmen Designers 1989-94