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Stefan Bang


Stefan Bang’s pottery is situated in the beautiful surroundings of the famous Black Forest in Germany, in a 250-year-old cottage and former vineyard in the small village of Mauchen.

He produces blue-grey and earthy brown salt-glazed wares for home and garden. Through the production of tableware, Stefan feels an obligation towards table-culture. He offers visitors the chance to drop in for Sunday brunch or a birthday party for instance, served on his tableware – and enjoy a tour of the pottery grounds and possibly a potting/firing demonstration.* (by prior arrangement).

Stefan prides himself on producing high quality salt-ware: acid-resistant, water-tight, and resistant to frost/low temperatures. Special clay combinations and glazes lead to a new aesthetics with an endless variety of surfaces: smooth-grainy, filigree, majestic, lively, fiery … . His literature poetically describes his work thus: “Surfaces … as lively as the fire that surrounded them, Vessels … as varied as the purposes for which they were made, Glazes … combining tradition and innovation, Individual Pieces … simple, imaginative, artistic.