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Bodilly, Jacob

I was born in a fishing village in South-West Cornwall. The area has been steeped in pottery culture ever since Bernard Leach settled at his Pottery in St Ives.

In the 1960s and 70s many studio potters set up their workshops in the rural parts of England. My grandparents had bought hand-made pottery from a potter called Scott Marshall, who had been Bernard Leach’s last apprentice. Growing up around my grandparents, the handmade pots became a part of my subconscious.

Education and qualifications

2008-2010   Business start up training, Leach pottery, St Ives, Cornwall

2005-2008   BA (Hons) Ceramics, University of Wales Institute Cardiff, Wales

2003-2005   A level 3-D design (Ceramics), History, Exeter Community College, Exeter, Devon.

Leach Pottery 2008-2010

When I left university I went to work at the Leach Pottery in St Ives. I spent two years training to be a production thrower and a professional potter.

At the Leach Pottery I worked with many influential ceramic artists and visiting artists. Everyday was spent studying pottery, art, food and music. I was able to start working on my designs for functional pottery and began practicing my processes of technique. During my training in St Ives, I worked with a French artist called Michel Francois.

Boscean Pottery 2010-2014

After my training in St Ives I went on to revive Boscean Pottery, where the old master Scott Marshall had made his pots, in St Just, Cornwall. The place where my grandparents bought their pots in the 1960s.

Jacob Bodilly Pottery

I set about finding a new site to build my first truly independent Pottery, ‘The Jacob Bodilly Pottery‘. I found an old barn building in the countryside, near to my family, and moved all my 20 tonnes of pottery equipment back to Devon.

My design style is firmly grounded in studying traditional folk pottery.

My approach is born from the technical processes I use. I submit to the technique I have chosen. Primarily, my work is thrown on a traditional wheel, which puts limits on speed and power. I use simple glazes that are based on traditional recipes. I use good quality clay and materials, and take my time over each piece I make. I am looking for good proportions and striving for healthy craftsmanship. I strive to provide my customers with harmonious objects for their home


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