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Marshall Andrew

Andrew was the first of two children born to William and Marjory Marshall in St Ives in November 1952. At that time his father was working at the Leach Pottery and Andrew spent a large part of his formative childhood years absorbing the life of the pottery with all its facets. He met the many visiting potters from Japan and witnessed particularly the feeling and philosophy of ‘East meets West’ and the merging of the respective pottery traditions.

Educated as a chemist, Andrew lived and worked in Lublin, Poland, during the early seventies. He developed a love for northern and eastern parts of Europe and their particular pottery.

When he returned in the late seventies, he helped his father design and build a Japanese oil/wood-fired kiln at Lelant, near St Ives. This large twin-chambered kiln has provided a wealth of experience and variety in oriental glazes from ash to celadons, on moulded bottles, teaware, cut-sided bowls and serving dishes over the years.

Andrew takes his inspiration from Bavarian Kröninger Pottery and old Korean Hakeme bowls and complements his stoneware pots with earthenware, made in the manner of German and Moravian wares. He produces jugs, bowls, dishes, cisterns – decorated with splashed pigments over slipped clay, covered with a ‘St Erth glaze’, which he makes from scratch.

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