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Leach Jeremy

Leach Jeremy

Born: 1941, Pottery Cottage, St. Ives

The younger son of David Leach and grandson of Bernard Leach, he spent his early childhood years in St. Ives at the Leach Pottery and later moved with his family to Bovey Tracey in Devon, where his father established Lowerdown Pottery.

Naturally, his initial pottery training took place there, followed by formal training, including study at the Central School of Art and Craft in London in 1961.  During a cultural visit to the Lebanon, where he potted and had a subsequent solo exhibition in 1965, he learnt that “ pots must be seen and felt and not described in words”.  At around this time he also became interested in Chinese calligraphy, traced of which are evident in some of his work today.

Over the years Jeremy has taught pottery at Moreley College and Southlands College of Education, and at Harrow and Merchant Taylor Public Schools.

He has made a study of the use of eucalyptus ash for Chun glazes, published an article on “The Analysis of Throwing” in Ceramic Review, and has produced a video available in CD-format on making pots.

Jeremy’s work has been exhibited across the UK and abroad and is currently available in a number of galleries in Devon.  Some of his work is on display in the British Museum in the European section of Pottery and Ceramics.

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